01 Dec

Positioned For Opportunity

The World Wide Web is a large place. Designers, Developers, Digital Crafters, Product Creators, and many more put their footprints on the web which seems to make it harder for others to place their mark.

Many times in life, we look for something that will give us a leg up. We look for that thing to give us direction. Taking the time to use creativity to find that one thing and that direction is vital. However, after honing the creativity or skill, we need an opportunity to showcase, express, use, or activate it. It is at that moment the world witness the opportunity that you have been waiting for and stand in awe.

An opportunity can be one of the richest moments in our lives that can make or break us. Finding the person, company, organization, or group of people to produce that chance, we call opportunity can come once in a lifetime, but most come through preparation and positioning.

We should all encourage one another to set sight on a dream and challenge each other to make it a reality, not chase it. Seize the dream, and dream even more.– Steven Andrews

A compass gives us a sense of direction, and it always points North. While searching and waiting for the opportunity that North point represents our goal.

Along the way, we may have to check our coordinates, to be sure we are heading in the right direction. Being thrown off course by shiny objects, or focusing on what others are doing instead of what we do best can sabotage what we can give to the world. Our uniqueness is our gift to the world.

So if you are a thinking of something great, start creating it today, right now – so your opportunity won’t pass you by. Keep your bearings, don’t let your goals out of your sight. Don’t be swayed and settle for less than your best and your desired expectations.

In closing, put your goals in front of you. Take a deep breath and move forward. Refining opportunity is about finding the resources, stripping away the unnecessary parts, and capitalizing on what remains.

Ignite yourself with passion and endure with the flame on.

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