Our services focus on getting your business presence online quickly and easily.

Upon completing a brief or in depth conversation with our experienced team, we provide useful feedback to usher your project in the right direction. All of our services focus on educating you on your opportunities so that reaching your desired outcome becomes a reality.

The biggest asset to accomplishing your goal is a solid plan of action. The image and content you display online must communicate everything you want your target audience to relate to, so that they see the value in the opportunity you can provide.

Our Process


Web Design & Development

Quality designs and functionality to improve your business systems.

Domain Registration

Secure your domain name by registering with us and ensure its availability.

Logo & Graphic Design

Creating your corporate identity and image to represent you effectively in your market.

Web Hosting

99% uptime is the reliability we provide in our hosting service.

E-Bookcover Design

Compelling designs that attract readers and connect them to you on first sight.

Opportunity Seminars

We help small groups and individuals learn to use technology to bring ideas to life.


With OSI Designs you get a dedicated team of professionals in online development and business strategies. Our team will help you find the most beneficial ways to attract, engage, and reach your target audience. With over 25 years of combine experience you will receive a team that understands the importance of communication and consistent support. Here at OSI Designs we strive to make every opportunity a success by delivering in a timely manner, which we also know is critical to business performance.

  • Quality
  • Experience
  • Results
  • Professionalism
  • Performance
  • Dedication

Annual Fees

Monthly Fees

One-Time Fees

Standard annual fees are $120 per year. $100 for hosting and $20 for domain name renewal. These fees are covered for you, if you have Renewal Care in your service plan. Recurring charges from third-party annual subscriptions or fees are not included in Renewal Care unless stated in the service agreement.

Standard monthly fees would include any monthly maintenance payments  agreed to in your service plan as well as any third party subscriptions or services needed to maintain your site.

All One-Time fees usually involve setup cost, logo and stationary design, and other one-time project based services. All isolated works are charged on an hourly basis.


Community Involvement